I paint as a form of expression and self discovery. Each mixed media work is a story within itself representing a journey, memory or a mood. No matter what I’m painting, it’s always relationships. Relationships of space, line, color and texture. How everything interacts together.

When I paint abstracts, I use heavy, strong shapes in a somewhat playful manner incorporating contrasting layers to activate the surface and reveal passages of time and history. 

When I paint landscapes, I am responding. Being still and taking in the horizon. A meditation of time overlapping time as if my aperture has been left open.

The pure act of painting delights me, adding and eliminating, shifting and restructuring elements until the moment a solution reveals itself. I'm intrigued by the power of a small detail or single element to create a shift in the harmony, balance or tension of a composition. The process is completely engaging, exhilarating, frustrating and rewarding.

Gallery Representation | Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO www.walkerfineart.com

Gmail | melanie.grein@gmail.com

Instagram | @melanie.grein

Phone | 720.240.6918